Mobile Commerce

Mobile Commerce Solutions

“Connecting buyers and sellers”
Cassava’s range of mobile commerce solutions deliver a convenient, safe and secure online transactional environment that is designed to facilitate trade between buyers and sellers through the use of mobile technologies.
Through our mobile commerce solutions, we create platforms that power the growth of small businesses and informal traders in Africa, and connect them with opportunity in a truly revolutionary way.

Online Classifieds

‘Snap it, Upload it, Sell it’

Cassava’s Online Classifieds service allows users to buy and sell goods online and is suited for both B2B and B2C trade within communities.

At a community level, the Online Classifieds platform opens up new markets for informal traders and promotes SMEs and entrepreneurial initiatives by facilitating trade.

Cassava has the expertise and capabilities to offer this solution to mobile operators that are keen to diversify their revenue stream and tap into the growth of mobile commerce.



‘Linking retailers and wholesalers’

Cassava Franchises is targeted at the business-to-business (B2B) trade by bringing wholesalers and retailers together. By using Cassava Franchises, wholesalers can make their products available to retailers so they can order stock electronically. We cut out the inconvenience of all-day queuing at wholesalers that retailers have to go through when restocking.

Our value offering is our ability to provide a turnkey solution that supports the process from purchase to delivery, through a convenient and easy to use electronic platform.

Deliveries of purchased goods are driven through Cassava Logistics.



‘We like to MOVE it’

Cassava Logistics provides customers with transport services to move merchandise bought online from seller warehouses and retail locations to exact customer locations.

This presents opportunities locally for job creation and entrepreneurship, as the delivery services are crowd-sourced from within the communities.

Founded on a well-vetted crowd-sourcing model, Cassava Logistics is supported by a network of local transport agents that are easily accessible to the communities.

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